Monday, July 20, 2009

H.I.T.5-Say You Love Me Again

H.I.T.5 is a CHINESE(although Taiwan helped w/their debut) band! My fave is Du Yuwei/Duan Huangwei/David.Beijing’s Idol Factory Entertainment, a new company, used two years to creat HIT-5, which already officially made a debut on October 20, 2008. They're so new that they're not on Wikipedia but below is the video and some info I found. NOTE: TAIWAN IS NOT A PART OF CHINA OR JAPAN. TAIWAN IS ITS OWN COUNTRY. Subbed by Me!

DL mp3 Link:
By the way, HIT was directed by Lai Weikang, who is Taiwanese and has directed many famous Taiwanese MVs such as Jay Chou, Alan Luo, and Jolin Tasai's. NOTE: TAIWAN IS NOT A PART OF CHINA OR JAPAN. TAIWAN IS ITS OWN COUNTRY.

Real name: Duan Huangwei (段黄巍)
Stage name: David
Position: vocalist
Date of birth: 12/08/1989
Constellation: Sagittarius
Height: 184cm/6’0”
Weight: 63kg/136lbs
Blood type: B
Place of birth: Xuzhou, Jiangsu
Likes: shopping. shopping
Personality: Can be really outgoing when being around by a lot people.
Fav. Movies/drama: 奋斗
Fav. Songs: why do I like you?
Fav. Food: Chicken wings
Fav fruit: Pineapple, peach
Fav. Place: Café
Collecting: Ring, Necklace and bracelet.
Fav. Cloth style: casual.
Fav.color: light blue.
Fav. Singer: u-know yunho (TVXQ), Taeyoung (Bigbang)
People he admire: parents
About Hit-5: he was the third one join the group

Real name: Gao Yu (高宇)
Stage name: Kido
Date of birth:02/06/1989
height: 180cm/ 5'11"
weight: 61kg/134lbs
size of shoes: 43
blood type: O
place of birth: Taizhou, Zhejiang
personality: can be all over the places sometimes, but also can be really quite sometimes. PS: I'm cool~
Fav. movies/drama/comic: Lost, Bleach, Naruto
Fav.Songs: Pray burger, Jello
collecting: Nike shoes, Rings. TEE
Fav. palce: Mars
Fav. cloth: everything that fits me
Fav color: Blue, Black Green White and Clear
Fav singer: usher, Justin timberlake.Jang,woohyuk. u-know yunho(TVXQ) Taeyoung(bigbang)
people he admire: Yoco
fav sports: basketball. tracking
about Hit-5: the last one to join the group.

Real name: Yang Fan ( 杨帆)
Stage name: Fan
Position: second vocalist
Date of birth: 1/26/1990
Constellation: Aquarius
Height: 181cm/5’11”
Weight: 60kg/130lbs
Place of birth: Xuzhou, Jiangsu
Likes: basket ball, listening to music
Fav. Movies:
Fav. Songs: Day by day. Purple line
Fav. food: chocolate. It seems there isn’t something that I dun like
Fav. place: home. Bball court
Collecting: everything that makes people prettier
Fav. cloth style: street, casual.
Fav. Singer: u-know yunho (TVXQ), Taeyoung (Bigbang)
People he admire: parents
About Hit-5: he was the second one join the group.

Real name: Dong Yufeng (董玉峰)
Stage name:
Position: second vocalist
Date of birth: 12/02/1989
Constellation: Sagittarius
Height: 183cm/6’1”
Weight: 58kg/127lbs
Place of birth: Fengyang, Anhui
Likes: snack, play games.
Personality: sometimes really cute, sometimes really cold. everything that’s tasty
Collecting: face mask
Fav actress: Fan Bingbing
People he admire: grandpa
Fav sport: I dun like sports…
About HIT-5: He was the froth one join this group.
Fav color: pink, green
Fav. Singer: t v x q
People he admire: grandpa
Fav sport: dun like sports…

Real Name: Guo Ziyu (郭子渝)
Stage name: Herry
Position: leader. Rapper
Date of birth: 12/09/1988
Constellation: Sagittarius
Place of birth: Zhoukou, Henan
Height: 179cm/5’11”
Weight: 60kg/132lbs
Personality: stead and outgoing
Fav. Movie/ drama: The Shawshank Redemption. The Pursuit of Happiness
Fav. Song: If ain’t fot you. Purple line.
Fav. Food: chocolate, Hot pot, chicken, mom’s homecooking
Collecting: Necklace. Skincare products. Nike shoes
Fav. Place: Canada
Fav cloth: hoddie, jacket
Fav. Color: blue, white, red
Fav. Singer: Han kyung(SJ-M), Rain
Fav. Actor/actress: Brad Pitt. Nicolas Cage, Will Smith. Kim Taehee
Fav. Sports: swimming. Basketball. Tennis. soccer
People he admire: grandpa
About HIT-5: He was the first one join the group

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I didn't know that BoA's brother, Kwon Soon Wook, directed MVs until I saw this MV of Sori. She's a new Korean singer who debuted w/the song Real Lips. The Korean name literally means "lips" but for the English name everyone goes by "Real Lips." I think this song is ok, but not completely catchy in my opinion.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I saw like... Nine Facebook status's talking about it just right now(w/more to come). He died today and I heard it was of a heart attack but some people say that he commited suicide. I guess we'll never know. He was suffering from cardiac arrest and sent to a hospital today. While at the hospital, he died. It was heard he was in a coma, so most likely he didn't feel any pain. Wow. He's finally dead after all this time.
R.I.P. Michael Jackson
-All info comes from CNN

王力宏 - 蓋世英雄

Just today I got the 王力宏 - 蓋世英雄 also known as Wang Lee Hom's Gai Shi Ying Xiong and Wang Lee Hom's Heroes of Earth ringtone! I was surprised when I saw it while browsing through C-Pop ringtones on my phone. And yes, American phones have Mandarin tones for download! Wow. Almost $2.50 for one ringtone. T-Mobile/Nokia... Oh well... Worth it anyways. The ringtone is the chorus(my fave part) <3! And although Li Yan, an opera singer sang in the chorus w/王力宏, I still really like it since it doesn't sound like opera at all!

"Not only has Lee Hom invited the popular Chinese American rapper Jin to rap in the song, he also invited the famous Chinese opera singer Li Yan, who added his voice in the song as well, heightening the opera feel. Heavy Peking Opera and kunqu tactics are incoporated, and Lee Hom also did an electric guitar solo in the song to add a spice of uniqueness. Jin raps in English and Cantonese in the song. The English-rap part stated "We've been around for ages / a couple thousand years / a bunch of pioneers" which represents one of the themes of "Heroes of the Earth".
Doesn't lee hom rocks?lol..
enjoy~"-A Youtube user.

Taiwanese MTV: 王力宏 - 蓋世英雄

By the way, if anyone finds the download link for the mp3 on 4shared or mediafire(or a virus safe website) please tell me! I havn't been able to find the mp3 yet, thanks!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shiseido White Lucent Lotion

Ok, so last night I got this amazing lotion from Shiseido, a famous Japanese beauty product company. This lotion, Shideido White Lucent Lotion, will brighten up your skin. It's made with Vitamin C and other ingredients that will cause your skin to lighten up. It's also a great moisturizer and keeps your skin looking young and healthy. It prevents wrinkling earlier on in your life. Also helps against blackheads and other imperfections of the skin. It has a really nice fragrance to it. I think it smells a little strong but sweet, in a relaxing way when applied on your face. The lowest price online I found is at $46.

Available here at $46 w/more info on how it will improve your skin!:

Super Junior's It's You/Neorago/너라고 vs. Pumashock's Cover

It's You/Neorago/너라고 is from Super Junior's latest album titled Sorry Sorry(great song by the way. I was really touched by this song since it slightly was my situation around a week ago. Now I can't stop listening to it.
Super Junior(orig.)+subs:

Super Junior-Neorago DL:
Pumashock's It's You Cover:

Pumashock version DL:

I also really enjoyed Pumashock's version though. She does amazingly great remixes of K-Pop songs! Her pronounciation is amazing! She's even met up w/people from Epik High's company in Korea. It shows how far Youtube can take you! Both versions are great!

Which Asian Umbrella Cover is Better?

The new Korean band 2NE1, Jeon Ji Yoon from 4 Minute, sang an Unbrella cover originally sung by Rihanna. Excuse their English accents. Jeon Ji Yoon did it w/the original Jay-Z during the intro(an instrumental) and 2NE1 had the group leader CL rap Jay-Z's part.
2NE1's Umbrella:

Jeon Ji Yoon's Unbrella:

Personally I enjoyed 2NE1's version more. I thought it was more unique how they didn't use Jay-Z's voice, plus i <3 Park Bom!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

NEW SPF 90 SUNBLOCK! Let's all thank Neutrogena!

Ok, well I discovered Neutogena's new SPF 90 sunscreen for your face a few days ago! I bought, it! It works really well although the higher the SPF, the thicker and creamer the sunblock feels. When you apply it onto your skin it feels very smooth though. This bottle was around $12 when I bought it at the store, but now(juts figured out) that it's so much cheaper online! Imagine! Just $9.99 at
Just like it says, you save 17%($2)!
Lucky you... I already bought it at the
store, but it works really well and it
is worth it!

SHINee's Juliette, UGGH!(fan girl opinions&bein freaky)

Ok, Well SHINee's new theme is on Romeo and Juliet(obviously) in their new album. Oh, ew! Taemin! My fave! Cut
your hair, will you? It got way to long. ><... I can no longer like you anymore! I've moved on... To... Some other
Asian singer... I will figure it out later... You can download the vid if you want, but I won't recommend it...

Monday, May 25, 2009

How to Get Pale White Asian Skin!

-Try to avoid the sun from 10a.m.-3p.m. During that time, the sun is most harmful.

-ALWAYS head for the shade.  

-As I've said in the previous entry, SUNSCREEN! SPF 70(the highest SPF I found which I use)!
*Note that our body needs the sun to make Vitamin D. Without it you are unhealthy so don't over do the sunscreen.
*Note that if you over do the sunscreen it may give you cancer. Yes it does prevent cancer from the sun, but lately just about to much of anything will result in cancer. If it's cloudy, don't use sunscreen. Worried it will get sunny during the day? Bring some sunscreen to apply later.
*Note that you must reapply sunscreen over a few hours(whatever it says on your bottle) since there is no 24/7 protection.

-Squeeze lemons out for the juice and combine it with water. Then smear it onto  your skin(mainly face, but your choice). Wait a few minuets and then rinse it out. It's usually done 3 times a day. 
*Note that you should never wash your face more than 3 times a day or else it will become dry and irritated. After baths/shower, always use face lotion just to be safe.

-Get some cucumber slices and apply it onto your skin(places of your choice). Allow the cucumber slices to stay on your skin and wait for the juice inside it to sink into your skin. Rinse it out later on.

-Rub your hands with oatmeal(yes, only your hands)! It's an old fashioned way, but it works! This is to get/keep your hands white and soft.

-Sprinkle some baking soda with water into your bathtub and soak in it for 10 minuets ONCE A WEEK.
*Note that I said SPRINKLE. That means USE LITTLE baking soda.
*Note that doing this over once a week may cause damage to your skin. ONCE a week is pretty healthy though. 

-Drink green tea! Yeah this sounds weird, but actually, the ingredients in green tea will naturally reward you with paler, whiter skin. It also helps to get/keep your face clear.
*Note that green tea has CAFFEINE in it. Asians are naturally shorter due to genetics and drinking this will only shorten your growth time. Recommended for 18+ or whenever you've officially stopped growing.

-Dark nail polish such as purple will make your skin appear to be lighter. 
*Note that if you constantly use nail polish remover to switch colors, your nails will turn out unhealthy and flaky. DO NOT over do this. wait until your nail polish(most of it anyways) has fallen off before you use nail polish remover and apply more. Don't overdo the dark colors though. To much is creepy.

-Darker clothing may also make you appear lighter skinned but don't overdo it. Once in a while is fine. To much is just creepy.

-Don't be lazy! Use sun umbrellas!

*My Sources: Life, Wikipedia, and Asian Central(
Read the entry below to understand why Asians want pale, white skin!

Asian Beauty=Pale White Skin

In Asia "the look" is definitely  pale, white skin. Only rich, high class Asians get to keep their pale white skin color since they don't need to work out in the sun. The poor lower class/normal people didn't have much money so they were forced to toil in the sun. Sun tanning like Americans? ABSURD! Pale white skin is beautiful. The paler and whiter the prettier. Haven't you noticed? All the Asians(mostly females) on TV in Asia all have pale white skin. All our celebrities! Pale white skin is considered to be of innocence, feminine, youth, pureness, and high class for women.

Over all, Japanese people have the lightest skin tone and Indians have the darkest skin tone in Asia. The rest such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, etc. are in the middle.

The benefits of white pale skin? You're considered high class in Asia. Asian skin behaves best during the Winter because there is less sun exposure. 

How to avoid the sun in Asia? Well, it's not like we can all live like moles. Beautiful or not, everyone needs to go outside under the sunlight. That's why in Asia they use the highest SPF available(SPF 70 is the highest I've found which I use). Also, many Asians carry around sun umbrellas. They're just normal umbrellas that block the sun from reaching you-Used in the sun instead of rain, but both works.

We need sunlight too though! Our bodies cannot produce Vitamin D without it so let the sun reach you a little bit(not often)!

Read the entry above to know HOW TO GET PALE WHITE ASIAN SKIN.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

SNSD's MV Gee:Skinny Jeans

Wow, Connie got skinny jeans like in the Gee-SNSD 
music video! LUCKY! I want to get colored skinny jeans
too but I would want the cute Pink Bleached ones.
They are just so CUTE!

SNSD-GEE (English Translation) Aha! Listen Boy My First Love Story My Angel and My Girls My sunshine Oh! Oh! let's go! You're so so handsome My eyes my eyes are blinded I can't breathe because I'm trembling Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby Oh I feel so embarrassed I can't look at you I feel shy because I've fallen in love Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby What should I do? (What should I do~) About my trembling heart (My trembling heart) (Thump thump thump thump) My heart kept thumping So I couldn't fall asleep at night I guess I guess I'm a fool A fool that knows you, only you Yes, as I look at you~~ So bright so bright My eyes are blinded no no no no no So surprised surprised I'm shocked oh oh oh oh oh So tingly tingly my body is trembling gee gee gee gee gee Oh glittering eyes (oh yeah~) Oh sweet aroma (oh yeah yeah yeah~) Oh so so pretty Your heart is so pretty I was captured from first glance, caught so closely Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby I can't touch it because it's so hot I'm engulfed by love's fire completely Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby What should I do (What should I do) because I'm so shy (No no no no no) I don't know why but every day I long for only you My close friends tell me That I'm really a helpless fool But as I look at you~~ So bright so bright My eyes are blinded no no no no no So surprised surprised I'm shocked oh oh oh oh oh So tingly tingly my body is trembling gee gee gee gee gee Oh your glittering eyes (oh yeah~) Oh this sweet aroma (oh yeah yeah yeah~) I can't even say anything I'm too embarrassed Do I not have any courage? What would be the right thing to do? Thump thump my heart is anxious as I'm looking at you So bright so bright My eyes are blinded no no no no no So surprised surprised I'm shocked oh oh oh oh oh So tingly tingly my body is trembling gee gee gee gee gee Oh your glittering eyes (oh yeah~) Oh this sweet aroma (oh yeah yeah yeah~) So bright so bright My eyes are blinded no no no no no So surprised surprised I'm shocked oh oh oh oh oh So tingly tingly my body is trembling gee gee gee gee gee Oh your glittering eyes (oh yeah~) Oh this sweet aroma (oh yeah yeah yeah~)

Jimmy's Pokemon Blog: Denryus Lighthouse

It has some Pokemon information. All Poke' Fans should check it out... Jimmy updates regularly and occasionally
lets us in on his life from time to time. I love the blue bunny pokemon. MINUN <3
Or scroll down, look to your left hand side(right below "followers"), under "Check Out These Blogs Too" and click
on Denryus Lighthouse!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anime Eyes-Available now in TAIWAN!

Besides Japan, now Taiwan also sells Japanese eye contacts! I have a friend who went to Taiwan not long ago and she got them for a really nice price too! BTW, anime eyes using make up: I found that to be interesting, although there are many tutorials you can find on youtube. By the way, here is a quiz I found to be interesting on what type of anime eyes suit you:, yeah, the results aren't accurate but I thought it was worth trying(out of boredom anyways)!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Anime Eyes-Japanese Contacts

Another pic of Japan's eye contacts. This is slightly different from my other post in March 2009. In this advertisement, instead of pictures on the contacts, there is an outer ring on them. It will stretch your eyes to make them appear bigger to have that anime look. Available in different colors. Only in Japan.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Death of Natasha Richardson from The Parent Trap

T.T... I have this movie. I really liked the movie "The Parent Trap" with Lindsay Lohan(Annie+Hallie) and Natasha Richardson who played their mom. I found out just recently that Natasha died on March 18, 2009 which is just last month. Sadly, she was involved in a serious injury from private skiing lessons. She died at age 45 since she fell on her head at Quebec's Mont Tremblant. Two days earlier, her husband Liam Nesson signed a contract to appear inside a movie as the star. I was sad to hear of her death just a few days ago since The Parent Trap was one of my favorite movies when I was in elementary school. My friend Clara and I watched it together at the AMC Theatres together when she saw the commercial for it. We watched it so many times that we knew all of the lines to the movie. I remember that each time we went over to each other's houses we would always act it out. I played Annie most of the time and she played Hallie. We took turns playing the other characters. "Natasha Richardson is such a nice mom," I had thought. At that time I had always wished and prayed for a Mom that would care about me and I really liked the "Mom" that Natasha was to Annie and Hallie even though it was only acting. I had also wished for a sister at that time since I'm an only child. It was only later on that I had realized that none of that was what I needed. Right now I don't really care if I ever have someone to call "Mom" anymore, and blood relations mean nothing to me. Actually, I would much prefer Dad not to ever get married again(which is most likely). I also feel relief that I'm an only child and I don't want a sister anymore. Friends are good enough. 
By the way, check out some memorable quotes+pics I found when searching for Natasha pics:
R.I.P. Natasha Richardson

Bang Bang Tang-Lollipop-LOLLY

On the 6th of April, our family has a new member.
His name is LOLLY.
Ao Quan, Wang Zi and I
When we brought him back home for the first day
He wasn't moving at all
We thought we had a dog who doesn't interact at all
After two days, we found out that he was pretending to be dead

After he got used to the environment
LOLLY began to run around and have fun
LOLLY is a two months old Chow Chow
He doesn't look like a dog but a teddy
Now LOLLY leaves poo everywhere
And gets punched by us
But he will put up his innocent face
And act sorry to make us forgive him
However we won't forgive that easily
Although the doctor said Chow Chow are the third dumbest out of all dog breeds
Although the doctor said after Chow Chows grow up, they will be very violent and bites everyone
Although LOLLY's poo stinks a lot
But LOLLY has joined our family
I hope he can grow up happily in our family
No matter how violent or giant he becomes, we will teach him well
To make him become the most beautiful fake lion
LOLLY Everyone loves you, we love you
You have to be happy and joyful!!
Don't constipate everywhere...because your constipation rate is shocking

LOL, & Wei Lian said that he and Ao Quan are the real father's of LOLLY! Ahahaha I thought that was so cute...
It's found at Wei Lian's Wretch Blog:

Friday, April 3, 2009

April 1st, 2009

April 1st(April Fools Day/2days ago) is my bunny's birthday. He's 9 years old now!
Happy Birthday! I love you, Cutie! 
-Love, Priscilla Lee

Mithra from Epik High: Poem for Cup Noodles

"널 처음 본 그 순간부터 이미 난 알고 있었어.


넌 다른 왕뚜껑들과는 다르다는 것을.


널 만난건 내 생에 가장 큰 기쁨이자 행복이었어.





Since the very first time I saw you, I knew…

that you were different from the other cup noodles.


Meeting you was the happiest moment of my life.

 뭔가 특별했어.

두개의 스프를 가진 다른 왕뚜껑들과는 분명히 달랐어.


무려 스프가 4개나 됐지.


그래서 널 버린거야.




너 역시 블로를 원했고,


나 역시 니가 떠나버리길 바랬어.




난 지금 다른 왕뚜껑 만나서 행복하게 배채우고있어.




스페셜 에디션 왕뚜껑.






There was something special about you.


Unlike the other cup noodles, who have two spice packages.


you had four. Amazing…


That’s why I gave you up.


You were too much for me.


Blo wanted you just the same,


and I longed for you to leave me.


I hope you will find happiness.


I’ve met another cup noodle, and she fills me up with joy.




special limited edition cup noodle."

-From Mithra's blog at

By the way, aren't these High Skool t-shirts cool(1st pic)? (Note: High Skool=Epik High's official fan club name).

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Epik High World Tour

All the information comes from As stated in Tablo's blog
"4. 26부터 5. 23까지 WORLD TOUR 하게 되었네… 와우!

일단은 일본, 미국 대도시들, 세계 여기저기 다른 곳들도 추가중. 

We’re gonna go on a world tour! 4. 26 ~ 5. 23
cities in Japan, USA… other places are being added as we speak.


가장 중요한 국내 공연은: 
Most importantly, the local show: 

2009년 5월 2일 (토) PM 18:00 MELON AX 홀"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fei Lun Hai/Fahrenheit: Yue Lai Yue Ai 2009

Fahrenheit, a Taiwanese boy band from H.I.M., has released their third album called Yue Lai Yue Ai(the direct english translation would be "To Love More and More"). It's the first time Fahenheit has sung a song expressing how much they care for someone, as said by Da Dong/Jiro Wang on a radio show, while they played Yue Lai Yue Ai. They've also recieved new hair styles from H.I.M. due to the release of their new album.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Article: Music That Makes You Dumb

at it's wrong. It doesn't matter what type
of music you enjoy. The type of music one favors does not determine ones IQ or how well one can do on the SATs.
A person can be able to love Lil Wayne's music(although I personally don't), and be able to get a high score on the
SATs. Besides, my favorite type of music(which is modern Asian) isn't even mentioned in the picture or article. Either
way, I just wanted to get it straight. Don't start trying to like Classical music due to what you've seen online. If you
don't like it(such as I don't), there is no need to listen to what doesn't interest you. Just study hard, do your home-
work, and don't disrespect the teachers. You will do fine even if you listen to such indecent music such as Lil Wayne,
although personally I disapprove strongly of what he's teaching. Stop listening to such disgusting music if you can.
Remember, don't be influenced by what the words in his songs tell you to do. If you're influenced, then I suppose
that there really is a reason why people who listen to Lil Wayne become dumb. Anyways, my point is, SAT scores
are NOT RELATED TO ANY TYPE of music whatsoever.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Facebook is Asian, Myspace is Hispanic

That's what I've been noticing lately. Mostly of my friends(asians) are on Facebook and almost all of them don't have a Myspace. Either they don't have one, or quit Myspace for Facebook. I wonder how Facebook became so Asian... I use it since almost all my friends are Asian and use it. To me, I think it's more organized and with apps, it's more interesting and high tech too. I used to use Myspace, but then quit mine for Facebook. Most Hispanics I know say "Facebook sucks. Myspace is better." So most of them don't have Facebook. They're all on Myspace. Hmm, so how'd we get so separated? By race, like school? I don't know, but I found it to be an interesting topic.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Policemen are DENSE!

"It's passed my working hours. It's not all about you! I have a family to get home to!"
I just don't get it. Why would a policeman yell at some little kid like that? Doesn't he know that kid is scared, or is that person to irritated to even care?
"Have you ever been to a Child Protection Center? Cause that's where you're about to go," he threatened. That kid wasn't scared of going there-Not again, but why would a policeman threaten this kid? "It's passed my working hours. It's not all about you. I have a family to get home to," he said irritated. So what? Why are you not doing your job properly? Why are you so desperate to get home instead of TRYING TO learn the truth? Do you think you know everything? Do you think everyone should listen to you just because you have authority over us? You have power? I don't think so. Why don't you want to help people? Why did you even become a policeman if you all don't really care? You're not helping, but scaring that little kid and most of them at the Child Protection HATE POLICEMEN. "I wouldn't tell them I hate them since I'm scared,," one girl said there. "I wish I could kill my family and all the policemen," another one said. So why are you threatening these kids to obey you? These kids who will despise you to their deaths? Making them leave everything they know...For nothing. Can you at least try to reason with them? Try to get your point of view out, and listen to theirs? Why did you pull her arm forcefully while trying to get her away from her home? Can you see she's scared? Can't you see she's where she belongs? Why can't you talk more to those kids and reason with them? You police people are creating hatred out of these innocent kids. It's not their fault they are caught in such a situation and are stubborn to get their opinions out. You should listen to them. Listen to what they have to say, at least. Why do police become police? Wasn't your original goal to HELP others? Or are a kids personal life to small for you to care about? Do you want fame from being a police officer? Our problems are big enough for you to take into consideration? That's sure how it seems. You brag. And you can keep on bragging about your accomplishments, but we will never care. You don't mean anything at all to those who've seen your true faces. You only seem to help society, but why? "Why" is the real question. Your first goals of becoming policemen were accurate, but what happened?  Do you know how awfully you've hurt kids in the Child Protection Center? They won't tell you, of course, but... Where's your common sense? Why won't you understand the truths? You only think kids are "so small they don't understand. They are confused." 
NO! What if they're not? What if it's YOU who are confused? Why? Why don't you ever wonder? Are you so full of yourself that you don't think you can misunderstand us? You lost yourself in between all that power you were given when you finally got your police badge. You lost sight of what is really important. You lost sight of your original goal. You lost sight of righteousness-Good and bad. What is it? Do you know anymore? Why? Why? Why?
Why are policemen so dense?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kira Is Justice

I think so, at least. Kira/Light Yagami from Death Note is correct that people who are evil are better off not existing in out world. I was so-
Was so dissapointed when He died in the end. He definitly deserves to live, that way he can make a new world of good.
L is not bad, but he is to merciful. Kira IS NOT God, but I like how he pases judgement on others. His choices are fair and make perfect sense to me. Seriously, if I got a Death Note(if those could exist), I would try to help make a better world along side Kira. It doesn't matter of the fact the name "Kira" comes from the word "kill," as it says in the manga. So what? He kills the bad people who deserve it, never the good people.
What I wonder is, whose side is the author of the book on? Does the author support Kira or L? Was he doing this manga out of boredom completely and doesn't care, or does he have strong opinions about life and death? These questions have been running through my mind recently trying to figure out how the author thinks. The end dissapointed me a lot though...I also want to make a better world, but I don't have that kind of power. Even though the shinigami Ryuk said people who use the Death Note can neither go to heaven or hell, that was only in the book. In real life, I'm sure God would be fine with letting people w/the Death Note go to heaven as long as they're doing right like Kira did. Also, I think it is acceptable to kill those who try to stop Kira from making a new world-a new world where justice reigns. A new world where good people no longer need to fear those that do wrong. A new world...Where we are ALL FREE from torture.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Epik High Concert in SF: DATE CHANGED!

Ok, so originally the month of the SF concert was in April(next month), but my friend Karen just told me that it they changed it. They added more places to their schedule, so they're coming to SF in Mid-May instead of April(next month). Evidence comes from Just type in "mapthesoul," or check out their youtube account. No other info has been given out as to where in SF, and how much the tickets are. Btw, I told Cecily on Sun. but doesn't seem like she'll be going. She like Tablo the most from Epik High too. I'm planning to go with my friend Connie(hopefully). I went to the Jonas Brothers concert w/her too(and Anna). Anyways, hopefully more info will be released! And my poll(right side of blog) is wrong. It's in mid-May, haha...But I can't change it since someone's already voted, but just to make it clear, THE EPIK HIGH CONCERT IS NOW IN MID-MAY. NOT APRIL ANYMORE!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skinny Jeans Are OVER-RATED...

...But they're hot. Haha, when I got a few pairs of 'em, I finally noticed when I looked all around the school...Everyones wearing them. Ever since then, I'm conviced:
fashion trend=uniform in style
Erm...But they're still nice. And they're back, too. And if it rains, your jeans won't get wet at the bottom. Just...I don't think skinny jeans match some people. Some people who have huge buts chose to wear those extremely tight skinny jeans. It makes them seem a lot fatter than they are, I think. For some people, it doesn't seem like they can sit down properly, and have a hard time bending down to tie their shoe or to pick something up. Those jeans...Are a little too skinny. Can't people get skinny jeans...Erm...their size? Skinny jeans don't necessarily have to stop blood circulation. That's bad for health too...No wonder! If you look up at "skinny jeans" in Images, there are some people who are against them. I don't find anything wrong with them, just I don't like it when people wear ill-fitting clothes. In my head I just think "GET THEM YOUR SIZE! EVEN IF SKINNY JEANS ARE IN, YOU LOOK LIKE A DORK!"

Friday, March 6, 2009

Epik High Concert in SF(April)!

Epik High Concert in SF(April)!
A famous Korean boy band called Epik High is coming to SF in April! I just wonder how much their tickets will cost! My friend Karen told me about it at school. MYK may be there too! I really wanna go to their concert. The only famous people I've seen in concert are the Jonas Brothers at the Alameda County Fair in 2007 with Connie&Anna. Some songs I like from Epik High are Fan, Music is My Life, and Love Love Love. My fave guy from them is Tablo^^ haha...I can't believe the oldest looking one is the youngest& Tablo's oldest but look youngest! You can find them on their just type in "mapthesoul." That's where the concert info(the given info about SF concert) is at. The only info so far is that it's in April(next month)&in SF. They'll be updating more info there though&you can check out their youtube account too^^
 Btw, I have to tell Cecily on Sunday! She's currently in an Epik High&Wang LeeHom phase. She'd be so excited to know Epik High's coming! I am SO BUYING A SHIRT! 

Japanese Eye Contacts

Japan made such cool eye contacts! I found a cool article titled "David In Japan" from That dude wrote an article about Japanese eye contacts! Japan made eye contacts real anime-ish. There are these freaky ones that will stretch out your eye to make it look really huge. I mean really huge...Huge to the point of non-Asian-ness(yeah It's not a word, but I just made it one now)! Anyways, I thought that one was kind of scary looking since fobby is awesome& big eyes for asians is...Well, big eyes&asians just doesn't go together. It's creepy. If you go to and type up "Japan eye contacts" or images they'll show you all those creepy eye contacts made in Japan. There are ones that make your eye all white&your pupil black. Also ones that are a light shade of purple and a bunch of other ones. 

The one that I like the most(and don't find scary) is the one with stars. Ha ha...I actually think those contacts are very pretty. Japan is so cool I wanna go there some time and get cool contacts(I wear glasses, but only during class when I need to see the board). 

Baptists Vs. Nazarenes

Baptist Christian Beliefs:

-Just like Nazarenes EXCEPT Baptist Christians don't take communion unless Baptized.

-Nazarenes believe anyone not baptized but believes or WANTS TO BELIEVE in God can take communion. (The "wants to" part was said by one of the pastors who will be un-named. That part was so wrong. Please at least get your own religion straight before you start preaching the WRONG THINGS).

-Some kids at Nazarene churches take communion. They take it but aren't serious about it. Some don't even pray before taking communion. "Yummy Juice!" they say(not pointing out names). So really, what IS THE POINT of communion to them????

 My Opinion:

Baptist Christian are right. ACK! I've been kind of going to the wrong church...No wonder when that pastor said that I was all thinking "What the-!!!! (I don't swear). Anyways, none of my friends at that church believe me when I try to explain how I'm Baptist& blah blah blah shouldn't take communion, blah, blah, blah. Ok, whatever peoples. I definitely agree with my old churches rules about communion though, gosh I miss them! Especially Connie&Anna. I hate to see how everyones grown up though. Kyahahhahahaaaa kinda afraid of not knowing people, I guess. But each time I go to that church(rarely) people keep staring at me. I know why, but it's so awkward...Heh. Miss you!^^