Sunday, March 8, 2009

Epik High Concert in SF: DATE CHANGED!

Ok, so originally the month of the SF concert was in April(next month), but my friend Karen just told me that it they changed it. They added more places to their schedule, so they're coming to SF in Mid-May instead of April(next month). Evidence comes from Just type in "mapthesoul," or check out their youtube account. No other info has been given out as to where in SF, and how much the tickets are. Btw, I told Cecily on Sun. but doesn't seem like she'll be going. She like Tablo the most from Epik High too. I'm planning to go with my friend Connie(hopefully). I went to the Jonas Brothers concert w/her too(and Anna). Anyways, hopefully more info will be released! And my poll(right side of blog) is wrong. It's in mid-May, haha...But I can't change it since someone's already voted, but just to make it clear, THE EPIK HIGH CONCERT IS NOW IN MID-MAY. NOT APRIL ANYMORE!

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