Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kira Is Justice

I think so, at least. Kira/Light Yagami from Death Note is correct that people who are evil are better off not existing in out world. I was so-
Was so dissapointed when He died in the end. He definitly deserves to live, that way he can make a new world of good.
L is not bad, but he is to merciful. Kira IS NOT God, but I like how he pases judgement on others. His choices are fair and make perfect sense to me. Seriously, if I got a Death Note(if those could exist), I would try to help make a better world along side Kira. It doesn't matter of the fact the name "Kira" comes from the word "kill," as it says in the manga. So what? He kills the bad people who deserve it, never the good people.
What I wonder is, whose side is the author of the book on? Does the author support Kira or L? Was he doing this manga out of boredom completely and doesn't care, or does he have strong opinions about life and death? These questions have been running through my mind recently trying to figure out how the author thinks. The end dissapointed me a lot though...I also want to make a better world, but I don't have that kind of power. Even though the shinigami Ryuk said people who use the Death Note can neither go to heaven or hell, that was only in the book. In real life, I'm sure God would be fine with letting people w/the Death Note go to heaven as long as they're doing right like Kira did. Also, I think it is acceptable to kill those who try to stop Kira from making a new world-a new world where justice reigns. A new world where good people no longer need to fear those that do wrong. A new world...Where we are ALL FREE from torture.


  1. i agree kira is justice he will kill all that defy him he reigns judgement on all criminals fear if you fear kira will kill we will live in a new world where we wont be tormented by criminals and if you defy kira you will die

  2. Um.

    Ryuk in the manga at the end, admits that Hevan and Hell aint real :3

    They took it out of the anime though, cause it would offend all the Christians.

    Everyone is equal in Death.

  3. I agree. Kira Is Justice, and he will make a better world!

  4. Kira's overconfidence and mad desire to become God led to his ultimate downfall... he got sloppy. If he was as methodical and restrained as L he would have triumphed. Similarly, if L saw the good in what Kira was doing and joined him there would be no stopping them.

  5. In the thirteenth manga (which is really just an encyclopedia), Tsugumi Ohba states that they're not for either side, and it wasn't even the point of the manga! The idea had just been swirling in Ohba's mind, and he decided to follow through with it.