Sunday, June 14, 2009

NEW SPF 90 SUNBLOCK! Let's all thank Neutrogena!

Ok, well I discovered Neutogena's new SPF 90 sunscreen for your face a few days ago! I bought, it! It works really well although the higher the SPF, the thicker and creamer the sunblock feels. When you apply it onto your skin it feels very smooth though. This bottle was around $12 when I bought it at the store, but now(juts figured out) that it's so much cheaper online! Imagine! Just $9.99 at
Just like it says, you save 17%($2)!
Lucky you... I already bought it at the
store, but it works really well and it
is worth it!


  1. :O * still in shock* i just have spf 30 ! i think my skin is sensitive to neutrogena products or was it aveeno? i dunno i cant use some products T.T

  2. 0.o, Neutrogena is my life saver. Skin saver. Same thing.

  3. I saw a Neutrogena suncreen with 100+ SPF at Target!