Thursday, March 19, 2009

Article: Music That Makes You Dumb

at it's wrong. It doesn't matter what type
of music you enjoy. The type of music one favors does not determine ones IQ or how well one can do on the SATs.
A person can be able to love Lil Wayne's music(although I personally don't), and be able to get a high score on the
SATs. Besides, my favorite type of music(which is modern Asian) isn't even mentioned in the picture or article. Either
way, I just wanted to get it straight. Don't start trying to like Classical music due to what you've seen online. If you
don't like it(such as I don't), there is no need to listen to what doesn't interest you. Just study hard, do your home-
work, and don't disrespect the teachers. You will do fine even if you listen to such indecent music such as Lil Wayne,
although personally I disapprove strongly of what he's teaching. Stop listening to such disgusting music if you can.
Remember, don't be influenced by what the words in his songs tell you to do. If you're influenced, then I suppose
that there really is a reason why people who listen to Lil Wayne become dumb. Anyways, my point is, SAT scores
are NOT RELATED TO ANY TYPE of music whatsoever.

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