Thursday, June 25, 2009

王力宏 - 蓋世英雄

Just today I got the 王力宏 - 蓋世英雄 also known as Wang Lee Hom's Gai Shi Ying Xiong and Wang Lee Hom's Heroes of Earth ringtone! I was surprised when I saw it while browsing through C-Pop ringtones on my phone. And yes, American phones have Mandarin tones for download! Wow. Almost $2.50 for one ringtone. T-Mobile/Nokia... Oh well... Worth it anyways. The ringtone is the chorus(my fave part) <3! And although Li Yan, an opera singer sang in the chorus w/王力宏, I still really like it since it doesn't sound like opera at all!

"Not only has Lee Hom invited the popular Chinese American rapper Jin to rap in the song, he also invited the famous Chinese opera singer Li Yan, who added his voice in the song as well, heightening the opera feel. Heavy Peking Opera and kunqu tactics are incoporated, and Lee Hom also did an electric guitar solo in the song to add a spice of uniqueness. Jin raps in English and Cantonese in the song. The English-rap part stated "We've been around for ages / a couple thousand years / a bunch of pioneers" which represents one of the themes of "Heroes of the Earth".
Doesn't lee hom rocks?lol..
enjoy~"-A Youtube user.

Taiwanese MTV: 王力宏 - 蓋世英雄

By the way, if anyone finds the download link for the mp3 on 4shared or mediafire(or a virus safe website) please tell me! I havn't been able to find the mp3 yet, thanks!

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