Friday, March 6, 2009

Epik High Concert in SF(April)!

Epik High Concert in SF(April)!
A famous Korean boy band called Epik High is coming to SF in April! I just wonder how much their tickets will cost! My friend Karen told me about it at school. MYK may be there too! I really wanna go to their concert. The only famous people I've seen in concert are the Jonas Brothers at the Alameda County Fair in 2007 with Connie&Anna. Some songs I like from Epik High are Fan, Music is My Life, and Love Love Love. My fave guy from them is Tablo^^ haha...I can't believe the oldest looking one is the youngest& Tablo's oldest but look youngest! You can find them on their just type in "mapthesoul." That's where the concert info(the given info about SF concert) is at. The only info so far is that it's in April(next month)&in SF. They'll be updating more info there though&you can check out their youtube account too^^
 Btw, I have to tell Cecily on Sunday! She's currently in an Epik High&Wang LeeHom phase. She'd be so excited to know Epik High's coming! I am SO BUYING A SHIRT! 

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