Thursday, March 12, 2009

Policemen are DENSE!

"It's passed my working hours. It's not all about you! I have a family to get home to!"
I just don't get it. Why would a policeman yell at some little kid like that? Doesn't he know that kid is scared, or is that person to irritated to even care?
"Have you ever been to a Child Protection Center? Cause that's where you're about to go," he threatened. That kid wasn't scared of going there-Not again, but why would a policeman threaten this kid? "It's passed my working hours. It's not all about you. I have a family to get home to," he said irritated. So what? Why are you not doing your job properly? Why are you so desperate to get home instead of TRYING TO learn the truth? Do you think you know everything? Do you think everyone should listen to you just because you have authority over us? You have power? I don't think so. Why don't you want to help people? Why did you even become a policeman if you all don't really care? You're not helping, but scaring that little kid and most of them at the Child Protection HATE POLICEMEN. "I wouldn't tell them I hate them since I'm scared,," one girl said there. "I wish I could kill my family and all the policemen," another one said. So why are you threatening these kids to obey you? These kids who will despise you to their deaths? Making them leave everything they know...For nothing. Can you at least try to reason with them? Try to get your point of view out, and listen to theirs? Why did you pull her arm forcefully while trying to get her away from her home? Can you see she's scared? Can't you see she's where she belongs? Why can't you talk more to those kids and reason with them? You police people are creating hatred out of these innocent kids. It's not their fault they are caught in such a situation and are stubborn to get their opinions out. You should listen to them. Listen to what they have to say, at least. Why do police become police? Wasn't your original goal to HELP others? Or are a kids personal life to small for you to care about? Do you want fame from being a police officer? Our problems are big enough for you to take into consideration? That's sure how it seems. You brag. And you can keep on bragging about your accomplishments, but we will never care. You don't mean anything at all to those who've seen your true faces. You only seem to help society, but why? "Why" is the real question. Your first goals of becoming policemen were accurate, but what happened?  Do you know how awfully you've hurt kids in the Child Protection Center? They won't tell you, of course, but... Where's your common sense? Why won't you understand the truths? You only think kids are "so small they don't understand. They are confused." 
NO! What if they're not? What if it's YOU who are confused? Why? Why don't you ever wonder? Are you so full of yourself that you don't think you can misunderstand us? You lost yourself in between all that power you were given when you finally got your police badge. You lost sight of what is really important. You lost sight of your original goal. You lost sight of righteousness-Good and bad. What is it? Do you know anymore? Why? Why? Why?
Why are policemen so dense?

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