Friday, March 6, 2009

Baptists Vs. Nazarenes

Baptist Christian Beliefs:

-Just like Nazarenes EXCEPT Baptist Christians don't take communion unless Baptized.

-Nazarenes believe anyone not baptized but believes or WANTS TO BELIEVE in God can take communion. (The "wants to" part was said by one of the pastors who will be un-named. That part was so wrong. Please at least get your own religion straight before you start preaching the WRONG THINGS).

-Some kids at Nazarene churches take communion. They take it but aren't serious about it. Some don't even pray before taking communion. "Yummy Juice!" they say(not pointing out names). So really, what IS THE POINT of communion to them????

 My Opinion:

Baptist Christian are right. ACK! I've been kind of going to the wrong church...No wonder when that pastor said that I was all thinking "What the-!!!! (I don't swear). Anyways, none of my friends at that church believe me when I try to explain how I'm Baptist& blah blah blah shouldn't take communion, blah, blah, blah. Ok, whatever peoples. I definitely agree with my old churches rules about communion though, gosh I miss them! Especially Connie&Anna. I hate to see how everyones grown up though. Kyahahhahahaaaa kinda afraid of not knowing people, I guess. But each time I go to that church(rarely) people keep staring at me. I know why, but it's so awkward...Heh. Miss you!^^

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  1. Do not know what "kind" of Nazazenes this is talking about. Not the real kind.


    Nazoreans (the biblical spelling) can also be spelled Nazarenes but they were all Jews, following the Jewish Messiah who also came to save the Gentiles too. That didn't turn Jesus into a pagan, it means salvation has come to the non-Jews.