Friday, April 3, 2009

Mithra from Epik High: Poem for Cup Noodles

"널 처음 본 그 순간부터 이미 난 알고 있었어.


넌 다른 왕뚜껑들과는 다르다는 것을.


널 만난건 내 생에 가장 큰 기쁨이자 행복이었어.





Since the very first time I saw you, I knew…

that you were different from the other cup noodles.


Meeting you was the happiest moment of my life.

 뭔가 특별했어.

두개의 스프를 가진 다른 왕뚜껑들과는 분명히 달랐어.


무려 스프가 4개나 됐지.


그래서 널 버린거야.




너 역시 블로를 원했고,


나 역시 니가 떠나버리길 바랬어.




난 지금 다른 왕뚜껑 만나서 행복하게 배채우고있어.




스페셜 에디션 왕뚜껑.






There was something special about you.


Unlike the other cup noodles, who have two spice packages.


you had four. Amazing…


That’s why I gave you up.


You were too much for me.


Blo wanted you just the same,


and I longed for you to leave me.


I hope you will find happiness.


I’ve met another cup noodle, and she fills me up with joy.




special limited edition cup noodle."

-From Mithra's blog at

By the way, aren't these High Skool t-shirts cool(1st pic)? (Note: High Skool=Epik High's official fan club name).

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