Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skinny Jeans Are OVER-RATED...

...But they're hot. Haha, when I got a few pairs of 'em, I finally noticed when I looked all around the school...Everyones wearing them. Ever since then, I'm conviced:
fashion trend=uniform in style
Erm...But they're still nice. And they're back, too. And if it rains, your jeans won't get wet at the bottom. Just...I don't think skinny jeans match some people. Some people who have huge buts chose to wear those extremely tight skinny jeans. It makes them seem a lot fatter than they are, I think. For some people, it doesn't seem like they can sit down properly, and have a hard time bending down to tie their shoe or to pick something up. Those jeans...Are a little too skinny. Can't people get skinny jeans...Erm...their size? Skinny jeans don't necessarily have to stop blood circulation. That's bad for health too...No wonder! If you look up at "skinny jeans" in Images, there are some people who are against them. I don't find anything wrong with them, just I don't like it when people wear ill-fitting clothes. In my head I just think "GET THEM YOUR SIZE! EVEN IF SKINNY JEANS ARE IN, YOU LOOK LIKE A DORK!"

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  1. i agree! you should always get the jeans or clothes that fit YOUR body type! there are some people who look nice in skinny jeans and some who look like they have sausage legs when they wear them. i once tried them and the pair i tried didn't look good on me so i am still wearing the boot cut jeans i've always worn. the same goes for haircuts, too! there are very few things that are one size fits all :)